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Various Logo and Brand Identity Design

I specialize in creating visual identity designs and logos for a diverse range of companies and individuals. When it comes to logo design, I provide two distinct approaches, each carefully crafted to suit the unique needs and business characteristics of my clients: hand-drawn vectorized logos or sleek and modern designs created directly in vector format.


Firstly, there's the "branding by hand" method, which involves creating hand-drawn vectorised branding. This approach places emphasis on the human touch, fostering an immediate connection between the business and its audience. By infusing the brand with an organic, human-centred aesthetic, it becomes instantly recognizable and relatable, particularly effective within industries such as food/beverage, gig, and hospitality. Additionally, I often craft custom typography or modify existing fonts to create distinctive brand elements that capture the essence of the business.

Alternatively, I also specialize in working directly in vector format, producing sleek and contemporary logos. These designs tend to be more minimalist compared to their hand-drawn counterparts, making them particularly popular within the tech and finance sectors. While I may utilise existing fonts for logotypes in this approach, I frequently customise them to add a unique flair to the brand identity.

Furthermore, I offer additional illustration services that complement my graphic design practice, allowing for the development of supplementary brand elements such as illustration systems, patterns, and merchandise. This holistic approach ensures that each client receives a tailored visual identity solution that resonates with their target audience and reflects the essence of their business.


Damkade Ludopub

Logo redesign for Damkade Ludopub, a pub based in L'Aquila, Italy, offering a wide selection of board games to its clientele. The owners decided to rebrand after one of the partners left the business.


The hand-drawn aspect of the design and custom hand-lettered typeface emphasise the local and independent nature of client's business, as well as playful character of the gaming community. After the logo was finalised I've also created a separate design to be used as a signage that was fitted into an arch above the pub's entrance.


Villains Brewing

Logo design for Villains Brewing Co, a very trendy craft brewery in Anaheim, CA.

The logomark, featuring a villain-hop, was drawn by hand and vectorised afterwards. For the logotype I've created a custom font from my own hand-lettering. This allowed me to design multiple logo options to be used in a variety of media (social, web, print, etc). The organic, hand-drawn aspect of the design emphasises the independent and artisanal nature of client's business.


Daisy + Dahlia

Logo and visual identity for Daisy + Dahlia, a charming, independent bakery based in East London, specialising in delicious and great-looking cookies. 

The logo was hand-lettered, scanned and vectorised afterwards. The hand-drawn aesthetic of the logo design highlight the authentic, artisanal character of the client's brand.


Bird Haus

Logo and visual identity for Bird Haus, a chicken restaurant located on the premises of Villains Brewing brewery in Anaheim, CA.

The logo is made up of a logomark featuring a detailed drawing of a wooden birdhouse and a hand-lettered logotype. The branding is fully responsive featuring multiple logo variants that work in any size and in any media.


Eco Maniacs

Eco Maniacs is a London-based company specialising in eco-friendly packaging and sustainable solutions geared towards food & drink and hospitality industry.

When creating the branding for Eco Maniacs the client asked me to steer away from the usual minimal, clean logos, which are very common in that niche. Instead we went for a bold and hand-lettered logo with a dynamic sketch-like texture, that emphasises the brand's name and values.

After completing the logo I've been also tasked with designing company's mascot and packaging for some of their products.


Broken Spirits
Distilling Co.

Logo and Brand Identity design for Broken Spirits Distilling, a distillery and bar located in Long Beach, CA.

For this project I have created a Responsive Branding design with multiple variations of the Broken Spirits monogram logo badge to be used in a variety of media (social, web, print, etc) and various sizes. The logo also comes in two colour schemes.

As part of branding I have also created some illustrated badges to be used on glassware, merchandise and marketing products.


Barbacoa Boyz

Logo design created for Barbacoa Boyz, a BBQ grill bar located on the premises of Villains Brewing brewery in Anaheim, CA.


The badge logo design consists of hand-drawn logomark and hand-lettered logotype. The layout of the badge and lettering style is inspired by iconic biker gang jacket designs.


Nathaniel Francis Farms

Visual identity for Nathaniel Francis Farms, a southern bed and breakfast and wedding venue, located in Boykins, Virginia USA. The site is a reconstructed home from the 1830s on a large farm with longleaf pine trees and cotton crops.

The branding package included logo design (few variants), colour palette, complimentary fonts and collateral design - business cards, letterhead, postcards, coasters, banners and a road sign.


Home & Kitchen

Home & Kitchen is a family led interior design atelier owned by two generations of Italian furniture makers. As the owners recognised the need for their business to have an online presence I was approached to create a logo and simple brand identity.

Constructed from simple geometric forms, the logo consists of the letters H and K crowned with a triangle, altogether creating an outline of the most basic shape of a house.


Magpie's Loot

Magpie's Loot is a London-based jewellery business specialising in custom silver and gold-plated jewellery design.

I had a pleasure to work with them for couple of years creating logo and brand identity, packaging, collateral and web design, as well as social media posts, product photography and even designing their first jewellery collections.


Centerpiece Gardens

Centerpiece Gardens is a family-owned cut flower farm and nursery located in Central Oregon, USA. The client wanted to showcase the whimsy and charm of the English-style garden and their vision was a couple of David Austin garden roses as a focal point of the logo.


I produced couple of versions of the logo, which were initially hand-drawn in ink, scanned and cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop and afterwards vectorised using Illustrator.


Geoff Vautier

Logo and personal branding design for Geoff Vautier, an adventurer from New Zealand taking part in a round the world yacht race.

The logomark features a dynamic silhouette of a sailboat set against a shape of a globe encircled by a compass rose; an elegant mark visualising the meaning behind the word "Circumnavigator".


Boot Beer Brewery

As the new head brewer took over Boot Beer, a microbrewery in Repton, Derbyshire, he felt that the outdated branding didn't match his modern approach and brewing skills. I was tasked with logo redesign and rebranding of the brewery.

As part of the rebrand I have also created an alternative horizontal logo, redesigned the pump clip badges and beer can labels and created t-shirt designs.


La Virgen

Logo created for La Virgen, a new soft drink developed for the US market. I was hired to create branding concepts for the range, including logo and product packaging.


The drink is geared towards adults who prefer a non-alcoholic alternative when socialising. The brand name La Virgen (virgin in spanish) underlines the alcohol-free nature of the beverage.

As the design on the front of the can features an illustration of the Medusa's head, we've decided to repeat the snake element also in the drink's logo to strengthen product's branding.


Six Pack Beer Club

Six Pack Beer Club is an independent online craft beer store based in East London. SPBC offers to its customers a beer subscription service and, obviously, great deals on six packs!

As part of the branding package I have created a hand-lettered logotype, a hand-drawn mascot and a set of illustrated badges and a whole range of SPBC merchandise including stickers, coasters, beer glassware, t-shirts, six pack cooler bags; as well as posters and even a packaging kraft tape.


Winter Wine Company

Simple logo badge created for a Winter Wine Company featuring a textured snowflake, to be used on their product packaging.

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