Born in 1980, Martin spent his adolescent years traveling, studying, partying and doodling relentlessly. In 2001 Martin resigned to pursue a career in Architecture and moved to UK, first to Edinburgh, and 3 years later he settled in London, where eventually he graduated from University of East London with First Class BA (Hons) in Illustration and Printmaking.

Since graduating in 2013, Martin was busy designing and screen printing for his own ethical and ecological clothing brand 10tacled, but also occasionally illustrating for a range of clients (New Scientist, Monokoto, Art Brut, The Rifffs). In 2015 Martin became involved designing jewellery for a startup brand Magpie’s Loot, which successful collaboration later led him to create their brand identity and web presence. In 2017 Martin teamed up with two other local designers (Magpie’s Loot and Verry Kerry) to open Bamboo & Bee, an artist-led boutique and studio in Bethnal Green, the heart of London’s East End.

In 2019, rather than having a finger in every pie, Martin decided to focus 100% on his illustration career, since drawing (or visual problem solving) is something that makes him genuinely happy. He started freelancing with various breweries creating product packaging, branding and designing merchandise. Since then Martin's client list grew to include individuals and companies from outside the brewing industry.

Martin's favourite style is highly-detailed black and white illustrations, often set against vibrant colourful backgrounds for an extra impact. He also enjoys painting digitally full colour cartoons on his Wacom Cintiq tablet. Martin draws his inspiration from comics, film noir, art history and pop culture. Despite being proficient in digital ways (mostly Adobe Suite), Martin's preferred weapon of choice is always pen and ink. Even though he spends countless hours glued to the screen working in Photoshop or Illustrator, what really makes him tick is to get absolutely filthy with inks while screen printing and etching or to draw some blood while lino-cutting!

When not at his desk Martin enjoys mountain hiking and drawing silly stuff with his kids, playing board and computer games, listening to jazz, reading books and tormenting his cats. Martin currently lives in Abruzzo, Italy.



CA Award of Excellence - Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2022

Golden A' Design Award - Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design 2022

Applied Arts Illustration Award 2022 - Promotional - Social Media category

ADC 101st Annual Awards 2022 - Shortlist in Illustration category

3x3 International Illustration Annual 2022 - Merit

CreativePool Annual 2021 Gold Award - Illustration category

CreativePool Annual 2021 People's Choice Award - Illustration category

CreativePool Annual 2021 Silver Award - Illustration category

AOI World Illustration Awards 2021 - Longlisted Artist

Thames Barrier Print Studio Printmaking Student Award (2013)

UEL Print Olympics FabPad Prize (2012)

See what Martin's clients say about his work:


"Martin was amazing from the start. We talked about the general concept and visual language and he was continually in contact to make sure that the project was going in the right direction but also suggesting innovative and unexpected ways to enhance and improve the illustration beyond what we had ever imagined. We are extremely happy with the wonderful result. Thanks again Martin!"

Marc Krusin

Commissioner, Furniture Designer and Owner at Marc Krusin Ltd


Marc Krusin Ltd, Home & Kitchen, Knoll, myBuilder.com, New Scientist, Redchurch Brewery, Allendale Brewery, Boot Beer Brewery, Craftndraft, Magpie's Loot, Art Brut, Monokoto, Six Pack Beer Club.