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Six Pack Beer Club Logo Design, Mascot and Branding

Six Pack Beer Club is an independent online craft beer store, which rose from the ashes of Craftndraft. Based in East London, SPBC offers to its customers a beer subscription service and, obviously, great deals on six packs!

After our previous successful collaboration (Craftndraft) I was approached by the owner Arber Pacarada with a proposal to develop branding for his new business.

We started with the SPBC logo, which I felt should be drawn by hand (hand-lettered) to emphasise the independent spirit of the business and also the artisanal nature of the products offered by the online shop.

After seeing my initial sketches, Arber also asked me to develop few illustrated badges that would give his shop a unique identity and compliment the text based logo. For two of the badges we decided to use elements from our previous project (Strongman character for Craftndraft), as it fitted the theme perfectly and was already familiar to his customer base.

The third badge, the Badass Six Pack Can, happened almost by chance, as it was developed from a silly cartoon I drew while working on the logo ideas. We fell in love with the new character instantly, as it was funny, lighthearted, recognisable and a spot on representation of the brand's name. There was no doubt that it was a perfect SPBC mascot.

Later we also developed a whole range of SPBC merchandise including stickers, beer glassware, t-shirts, six pack cooler bags; as well as posters, coasters and even a packaging kraft tape.


"It is great to work with Martin again. Very creative and talented illustrator."


Arber Pacarada

Commissioner and Director at Six Pack Beer Club

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