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Strongman Growler Sticker Design for Craftndraft

Stylised beer growler sticker featuring heavily tattoed circus strongman, and his best pal Max, enjoying a delicious, fresh pint.

Quick and fun project for Craftndraft shop in Hackney, East London. The shop is awesome and has a massive selection of top craft beers, so if you happen to be around Hackney Rd, make sure to pop in for a fresh pint too!

Both characters were initially hand-drawn with pen and ink and than redrawn on Wacom Cintiq tablet and digitally coloured in Adobe Photoshop. Layout of the sticker was set in Adobe Illustrator. The sticker is printed on a transparent foil to reveal the dark brown colour of the growler acting as a background to the image.


"Martin is an extremely talented illustrator. Working with him was pleasant and straightforward. Once he got the brief he came up with many proposals. Will take on board my ideas and improve the work just as requested. Martin will not finish until the customer is happy and most importantly he is happy. I will keep working with Martin and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants original work for their project."


Arber Pacarada, Commissioner and Owner at Craftndraft

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