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BOOT BEER Brewery Logo Design

I was contacted by Jon Archer, who few years back took the Head Brewer position at Boot Beer Brewery, with an exciting project to rebrand the brewery. Jon felt that the outdated branding didn't match his modern approach and brewing skills and decided to shake things up. My first job was to redesign the brewery logo. 


The brief provided by Jon was fairly straightforward: "Whilst the ‘Boot Beer’ name is simple it has been a real challenge to pin down the right idea. I’m after one that is professional but not corporate, is simple and contemporary, has a bit of attitude and is bang up to date but avoids being cheesy (boot and beer glass)."

I've dropped few logo ideas in my sketchbook and sent them over. Jon really liked the simplicity of the interlinked BB concept. Later we also decided to incorporate the full name and the strap line into the logo design to help reinforce the Boot Beer brand.

After the round logo was created, I was also asked to produce a horizontal version to be incorporated into pump clip designs and printed onto the back of the t-shirts.

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