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Nathaniel Francis Farms Identity and Logo Design

I was approached by Wills Francis to develop a visual identity for Nathaniel Francis Farms, a southern bed and breakfast and wedding venue, located in Boykins, Virginia USA. The brief was quite straightforward:


"The venue is a reconstructed home from the 1830s on a large farm with longleaf pine trees and cotton crops. I'm hoping to design a brand identity that references the local flora as well as, or maybe instead of, the architecture of the home.


I want to make sure that the southern, antebellum nature of the home and scenery is brought through in the branding. I'd also like to stay away from flat, icon-based logos and logomarks, and instead go for more illustrative and field-guide-like graphic style. I'd also like the typography to feel more hand-written if possible."

The branding included logo design (few variants), colour palette, fonts and collateral design - business cards, letterhead, postcards, coasters, banners and a road sign.

Art Direction: Wills Francis


"I can't say enough great things about Martin. Super fun guy to work with. Took ownership of the project, has a great design eye, and incredibly responsive to feedback. He's one of those rare Upwork experiences where I feel like I found a long-term creative partner. Highly, highly recommend."


Wills Francis, Former Colleagues

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