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Wild Lands Project Beer Label Illustration and Design for Allendale Brewery

I was approached by Allendale Brewery to create a packaging design that could be used on their Wild Lands Project cans. The first beer of the series is Rhubarb Saison, a collaboration brew between Allendale and First & Last Brewery. The commission also included a complete redesign of the pump clip shapes and bottle and can label layouts.

Allendale gave me a lot of creative freedom regarding the design and illustration, as long as the image related to wilderness and was similar in style to their existing packaging, which features monochrome Victorian-style collages against a colourful background.

I've done few sketches and they liked the ideas around the ent (fantastic being that closely resemble a tree) and the traveller, so I've decided to combine the two, but killed the traveller in the process. The black and white illustration was than set against a purple and pink background featuring a pattern of oak leaves and acorns. 

The illustration was initially drawn in pen and ink on paper and once approved by the client it was redrawn in Photoshop using Wacom Cintiq tablet for a clean and crisp line. The elements of the background pattern were also hand-drawn using the tablet and then arranged and coloured in Photoshop. The layout of the label and keg badge was executed using Illustrator.

The beer label is part of a series of four. The project won Silver Award in the Creativepool Annual 2021 Illustration category.



"Beautifully executed and a great series of illustrations that fit together within a collection for product design."


"Your series is incredible in both craft and concept [...] Some of the nicest work I have seen in a long time."


Rachel Perry

Founder/EP - Whale BV

Creativepool Annual 2021 Illustration category judge

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