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Touching Tips Podcast Cover Illustration

I was approached by Christopher Reck to create a cover art for his inspirational podcast and YouTube channel. 


The concept for the design came during a video chat with Christopher when he explained me his ideas for the show. Touching Tips is a motivational/inspirational stories podcast with a focus on health, wealth and happiness. The dynamic of the show comes from "clashing" big ideas and personalities together in order to find unorthodox solutions. Following his description I've made a sketch of a mythical struggle between a whale and a giant squid, which represent the clash of the various viewpoints during the podcasts' episodes. Christopher found this solution very elegant and I proceeded to finalise the design.

The final illustration is hand-drawn digitally in Adobe Photoshop using Wacom Cintiq tablet. Apart from the main square podcast cover the commission also included 3 rectangular YouTube banners that required a different cropping and composition of the design. 

Art Direction: Christopher Reck

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