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Illustrated Map for a Children's Book

I was commissioned by Irina Falberg to produce an illustrated map to be used to help her pitch her new children's book to the publisher.

The book tells a story of two friends, a Frog and a Bird, embarking on an epic journey from an Old Dried-up Pond to a New Pond and experiencing many adventures along the way.

Irina provided me with a very rough sketch, which included all important locations in which the storyline unravels. She also hinted that the landscape should be similar to that of Costa Rica. The map was supposed to include a volcano with a waterfall, a valley and a forest, a cave, two ponds and two farms with an ocean in the background.


The style of the illustration for the map was for me to decide. I went with a detailed vintage looking scarperboard/engraving like style and produced two versions of the map, one in colour and the other black and white.

The illustration was hand-drawn and later coloured in Adobe Photoshop using Wacom Cintiq tablet.


"Great work! The map looks incredible. I love how everything is balanced well including the farms, the ponds and the ocean. Also love the clouds and the frame for the map. Love everything. Thank you."


Irina Falberg, Faceola Organization

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