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Fake News Editorial Magazine Covers

The Fake News magazine cover series is an ongoing project I started in January 2021 following a torrent of Covid confusion, Trump and other misinformation across various media channels. It is a visual response to the constant barrage of hogwash that we are subjected to all day and every day in the past couple of years.

Confused Maori Jesus x Vogue This is the first illustration in the series. Drawn fairly spontaneously during an evening of heavy wine consumption and as a response to day's worth of trash TV and news indulgence. A seemingly endless and confusing day that lasted the entire lockdown.

Donald Trump x Newsweek The second illustration in the series. This portrait was drawn shortly after 2021 US Capitol attack. The messy style of this illustration imitates Trump's Twitter "vomits" and his TV racist and misogynistic ramblings. Quite frankly I run out of skin to express my frustration with this man.

John Oliver x Rolling Stone This is a remake of an existing RS cover from March 2017. The pose is so expressive and fitting my subject matter that I couldn't stop myself from nicking it. John, being a passionate critic of Trump and a fierce debunker of false information, is an obvious candidate for this series. In this portrait I decided to explore the differences between John's British roots against the traditions of his adoptive country. Immigrant's split personality disorder. Since I myself moved countries few times in my life, including nearly 20 years in UK, this theme became quite personal.

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