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Ducati Motorcycle Illustrations for Back to Classics

Detailed hand-drawn illustrations of vintage Ducati motorcycles for a merchandise line of products for Back to Classics restoration workshop located on the outskirts of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Back to Classics is a small company formed by Harm and Harné Heuvelman, a father-and-son team, aimed at offering premium classic Ducati parts and restoration.

Their passion for the craft and extensive knowledge of Ducati motorcycles manifests itself is such in-house activities as 3D-design and engineering to manufacturing, refurbishing and full restoration of these beautiful machines.

My first commission from Harné was to draw the Ducati 750 Super Sport (1974), a true race replica and the most exotic motorcycle of its day, and arguably even today. It was produced out of Ducati’s race shop in small numbers. 

The azurro metallizato Green Frame that was fitted around the characteristic and impressive engine is in perfect harmony with the silver-grey top half, tank, saddle body and covers. This machine is truly a work of art and it gave me a great pleasure to draw it.

The illustrations in retro/vintage style were drawn digitally in Adobe Photoshop using Wacom Cintiq graphic tablet.

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